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> improve quality has no end. Customer service, sincere to the true.

> quality system

After years of implementation, has been gradually establish and perfect quality management system. The company top management work has always attached great importance to quality management system. General manager personally as a ISO9001:2000 committee director, and formed a trained internal quality management system audit team. Organized twice a year internal audit and management review at a time.

> supplier evaluation

1, supplier rating system.

By engineering, quality and procurement departments of audit team for evaluation.

Monthly statistical analysis about the quality of the material supplier delivery, supply supplier to improve.

2, supplier review meeting on a regular basis, carries on the analysis and improvement.

3, tracking the process of supplier improvement measures.

> customer complaints handling

1, do 48 hours to reply to customer complaints.

2, analysis of customer complaints and make improvement plan.

> incoming inspection

1, the GB/T2828-2003 sampling inspection plans.

2, the appearance, size, material for functions such as check.

3, for all materials do not conform to the requirements of the quality review meeting.

> process inspection

Process inspection control aims to ensure that products at different stages of the production line in accordance with our process standard and customer requirement.

1, parts assembly, production line and products for online inspection.

2, for all inspection repair product.

3, prevent do not conform to the requirements of the quality of the product into the next process.

4, data statistics and analysis of IPQC.

> shipment inspection

1, shipment quality guarantee for products before shipment inspection, to ensure the compliance with customer requirements.

2, the GB/T2828-2003 sampling inspection plans.

3, according to the request of the customer file, all inspection documents quality engineering department under the state council shall formulate and issue.

4, inspection items include: appearance, safety, function, process, packaging, etc.