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The electrical wiring standards


1, fastening connection the strength should be moderate, overshoot bolt nut to prevent slippery clasp, found the slide fastener bolt nut change in time, it is strictly prohibited on homework.

2, tighten or loosen the screw with a screwdriver, must use force to make the screwdriver head screw, and then to tighten or loosen, avoid skidding screwdriver and screw, screw damage is not easy to tear open outfit, especially common in the open.

3, found difficult to remove the bolt and nut, do not act rashly, preventing deformation are more difficult to remove, should give appropriate knock, or add the screw loose agent, dilute hydrochloric acid to remove it later.

4, do not use pliers clamping or loosening bolt and nut, in case of damage with a monkey wrench to adjust when opening, prevent damage of the bolt and nut deformation, not easy to tear open outfit.

5, easy to loose or easy to poor contact wire connector terminals must be tightened on the terminal, increase the contact area and prevent loosening.

6, the same terminals also allows for up to two same type and specifications of the wire.

Line 7, wire connectors or nose when connected to each other, it is forbidden to add the middle copper gaskets or conductive performance is bad.

8, wire joint connection, the contact surface is smooth and no oxidation phenomenon, connection or nose into the copper platoon, but after the conductive paste daub on the contact surface is clean, then tighten.

9, temporary line, the requirement of single wire cord wire head can be folded in half once, and then received open mouth; Single core hard line to open the next mouth.

10, more than 30 kw and electrical wiring, electrical outlet and connect the motor cable conductor is not allowed between jumper conductive gasket performance is bad, such as galvanized nuts, flat pad, spring pad, etc.

11, use insulation tape winding cable or other equipment to protect the insulation, insulation to buy half the proportion of pressure from one end to the other, and at least a back and forth, back and forth