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Row needle, row mother connector industry in China market requirements and techn


The row needle, row mother connector industry in China has been in the low-end market advantage, the current China's row needle, row mother connector manufacturer is march to mid-range areas, pay more attention to the quality of the product. At the same time, they are still with Asian trade on price, and often is the winning side. At present, all row needle, row mother connector products can buy from mainland China. Row needle, row motherboard to board connectors, as an important and indispensable parts in products and equipment in many applications in the field of purchasing proportion bigger and bigger. And compared with other key components, connectors product selection is wider, its local purchasing space is larger, so it industry barriers to entry not high. As a row needle, row mother, round hole, professional connector manufacturer, shenzhen jin ling electronics co., LTD. (JILN) have their own views, jian wang, general manager of wave throughout his view in the current economic situation, threats and opportunities coexist.

Jian wang wave analysis, at present, the entire row needle, row mother, connector market faces two major competition. The first is the threat of substitutes, are the main substitutes for now connector terminals, also is not very big in the high-end market is threatened, but in the low-end market is facing fierce competition, when the purchaser is facing cost pressure, they tend to use the current price is relatively cheap to replace the connector terminal. The second is the enterprise profit squeeze by purchaser and supplier, connector buyers mainly products and equipment manufacturers, their high market concentration, high standardization degree, its profitability in the current decline in profitability in the market economy environment, so often use the information in the purchasing process more transparent background constantly keep prices down, and row needle, row mother connector manufacturer's major suppliers are aluminum, copper, silver, gold and engineering plastic raw materials, such as suppliers, the industry concentration, high standardization; The buyer's volume is very large; The degree of product differentiation is small; The seller's cost is small; The forward integration is unlikely; The two sides information quite transparent; In general the seller's bargaining power is low, this can make the enterprise profit space is small.

Although the overall market by certain threat, but think jian wang waves, more an opportunity than a threat. Now jin ling electronics (JILN) generated by the main products are needle, row mother, round hole, European socket, Jane cow, etc., the company established in 2004, is located in shenzhen, in more than ten years for the development of the company according to the demand of the market constantly adjust the company's product positioning and market positioning. Through in-depth investigation and analysis, form row needle row female market positioning and marketing strategy expansion strategy, determine the row needle row mother's market segment, demand for Chinese mother row needle row overall market volume and the market capacity and prospects to make judgment, clear target market, users and USES of the target market, product characteristics, price, user needs and preferences for specific analysis with the corresponding marketing strategy. In the process, the company constantly expanding,

In recent years, due to the row needle, row mother, upstream of the connector industry developing rapidly, including computer, communication products and consumer electronics, 3 c industry and data transmission business development potential in China are very broad, another major development direction of the connector is LED display connector, the current Chinese LED display industry has developed rapidly, the demand for the connector also strong accordingly, but as a new field, Chinese manufacturers no matter from the perspective of technical strength and production experience, there are a lot.

Facing the row needle, row mother, connectors, market and technology change, Chinese manufacturers should gradually get rid of the homogeneity competition in low-end products, actively tracking row needle, row mother, connectors, cutting-edge technology, learning new technology and new technology of connector, constantly develop new products, expand the high-end product line.